Inclusion & Diversity

"It is just amazing the results, feedback, and broader understanding that one gets when teaming up with a heterogeneous group of people on any given project. In my opinion, I&D is not just the right thing to do or simply something a company should embrace given the political climate or the demographics that make up our society, but a business imperative, if we as a company aspire to greatness."

​Mahamadou Bikienga
Regulatory Analyst
Columbia Gas of Pennsylvania

Our I&D Report

We are excited to share our I&D story in our 2013 Inclusion & Diversity Report. More than 2,000 employees across the organization are actively involved in our I&D efforts through diversity councils, employee resource groups, mentoring programs and I&D community events. We are proud of our achievements.

The story extends beyond the numbers. It captures the full scope of I&D at NiSource through four dimensions:

These dimensions highlight the work we are doing together to deepen our understanding and acceptance of I&D at NiSource. As you will see highlighted throughout this report, we are building toward our I&D Vision to "create an inclusive environment built on mutual respect, with a firm commitment to attract and retain talent that reflects the communities and customers we serve, and where our employees are given the opportunity to achieve their full potential."