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Friday, October 28, 2016
Educating the Next Generation About Energy
What kinds of jobs are available in the energy industry? More than 100 high school students recently found out as part of Career Days, hosted by Columbia Gas of Pennsylvania (CPA).  

During this annual event, students visit a number of stations to learn more about potential careers and see demonstrations that show what goes into meeting the needs of the customers and communities that we serve. 

Pennsylvania team members shared their passion and expertise about a variety of areas, such as welding, damage prevention, construction and other roles that are vital to ensuring that we safely and reliably deliver energy every day. Many of the students had not previously considered a career in the utility industry. 

“Columbia Gas is like a little village, we need a lot of different skills and expertise to make our business work and to serve our customers,” said CPA President Mark Kempic. “We need technical skill, but we also need professional skills – welders, lawyers, line locators. There is a place for everyone at Columbia Gas.”

Written By News Desk, NiSource

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