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Monday, March 05, 2018
Two Years of Hard Work, Dedication Lead to Completion of Huge Substation Project

The largest non-generation project in NIPSCO history will reduce congestion on the power grid and improve access to regional power sources, including wind and solar energy. The Reynolds 345-kilovolt substation took two years to develop and construct, and is a key part of two electric system improvement projects.

It’s part of a new 100-mile electric transmission line that will stretch across Northern Indiana to the Hiple substation in Topeka, Indiana. The station and line transmit voltage across long distances, making it possible for nearby and faraway homes and businesses to receive all kinds of power, including renewable energy, and reducing congestion on the power grid.

Reynolds Substation High
The view from above the Reynolds substation.

“This is a great accomplishment for NIPSCO," said Clinton Jolliff, project manager, major projects. “Not only to have the opportunity to add a 345-kilovolt line, but to be able to install with our own internal NIPSCO crews. The project is a win-win for our company because of adding this additional capacity for our customers and adding the knowledge and experience to our internal groups."

Work continues on a 65-mile, 765-kilovolt electric transmission line – the first of its kind for NIPSCO and part of a partnership with Pioneer Transmission – that will connect the Reynolds substation with a utility substation in Greentown, Indiana. It is expected to be complete in 2019.

Reynolds Substation Team
The team working at the new Reynolds substation.

“This is a project that I am extremely proud to be a part of," said Ben Felton, vice president, power delivery. “When I think about the employees that did the work and the magnitude of work that they were able to perform, completely incident-free, I cannot help but talk both outside and within NIPSCO with a high level of enthusiasm and pride."

Together, both lines represent an investment of more than $500 million for the company and are scheduled to be in service by mid-2018.

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