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Wednesday, June 27, 2018
Women in Gas: Lisa Carmean's NiSource Journey

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My name is Lisa Carmean. I've been with NiSource for 34 and a half years. I am the operations center manager for the Columbus operations.

I started in December of 1982 in the engineering cartography area. It was a good, stable job and it gave me opportunities to grow in the areas that I was interested.

A day in my life is ... always changing. Starting the day with our morning muster call, working with budgets, working with people. Every day is different in my role. NiSource is a great company with lots of opportunities to grow.

If you have an attitude that you want to learn, that you want to focus on safety, you want to focus on customers, then you can start and learn the basics and move on to different roles and responsibilties.

We have both field tech positions and service tech positions and then combo. 

A person who wants to work outside with Columbia Gas, who likes to deal with people, who likes to deal with customers, those are the kind of folks that we want. 

And, there's no reason that women can't do these jobs. It's a great opportunity for any female that has the desire, has the attitude and wants to be out working with their hands and working outside with customers.

Without our customers, we don't exist. 

Keep looking for the opportunities – they're there - from different areas of the country to different jobs, different areas of interest. It's just all out there, which makes it a very exciting place to be. 

With the natural gas industry’s biggest global event – the World Gas Conference – convening in Washington D.C. this week, we’re profiling several of our talented and inspiring female leaders, including Lisa Carmean, director of field operations in Ohio.

Lisa joined the company more than 35 years ago. In that time, the world of gas has changed a lot – in terms of abundance, safety, technology and employee demographics.

Lisa leads field operations across the state. Field operations employees interact with customers face-to-face when responding to emergencies, performing routine maintenance and service requests.

Lisa’s current role includes strategy development to support our customers and our safety vision. She’s also focused and passionate about developing leaders, engaging employees, promoting collaboration, driving accountability and managing financial goals.

During her career, she's worked in engineering, operations, communications and other departments across the NiSource/Columbia Gas service territory. She was always up for a new challenge when the opportunity presented itself.

"Keep looking for the opportunities – they're there," Lisa said. “I have always loved my job here at NiSource. It truly is the people – our employees and our customers are without equal. It is never boring and I learn new things every day. Certainly, there are challenges, however, there is never anything we cannot accomplish together. That is what makes it fun – working together to solve problems and get better for each other and our customers.”

Lisa's in good company among many dynamic female leaders at NiSource, but she sees the potential for more women to join the industry, specifically in field-based roles.

"Women can absolutely do these jobs," Lisa said. "It's a great opportunity for any female that has the desire, has the attitude and wants to make a difference for our customers and our employees."