Sustainability Report

2013 Sustainability Report

By creating two dynamic companies that can execute on distinct business strategies, we expect to further sharpen each company’s customer-service focus and maintain strong levels of local employment and community involvement, thereby further positioning us to create immediate and long-term value.

Columbia Pipeline Group

NiSource 2014 Sustainability Report

In our sixth Sustainability Report, you'll see how NiSource's business efforts translate seamlessly into the five key dimensions of our Corporate Sustainability Strategy.

The first, and subsequent reports, which have evolved over time in complexity and level of reporting, concentrate on the following categories, which are relevant to our industry and of particular importance to our various stakeholders.

  • Customer-Focused Energy Solution
  • Environmental Stewardship
  • Strong, Growing Communities
  • Safe, Skilled and Engaged Teams
  • Shareholder Value

The 2014 report was produced using the Global Reporting Initiative GRI 3.1 reporting guidelines.  One enhancement to our process in 2014 was collaboration with our stakeholders on a materiality survey, a key component to leading sustainability reporting. Surveying internal and external stakeholders on key sustainability issues will help ensure that we are focusing on issues of importance to them, and that issues deemed material by our stakeholders are aligned with our business strategy and risks. The company's 2014 Form 10K, our annual Proxy Statement and the Greenhouse Gas Report acted as complementary resources on many of the required disclosures.  

NiSource & Columbia Pipeline Group Separation

In September 2014, NiSource began pursuing a plan to separate its pipeline, midstream and storage business into an independent, publicly traded company. Endorsed by the Board of Directors, the plan will create NiSource and Columbia Pipeline Group – two companies aligned with the needs of customers, investors and other key stakeholders. And, we’re pursuing this separation in a sustainable way. 


We will maintain a strong level of customer service and the transition will have no negative impact on the services we deliver to our customers. In fact, the pure-play nature of the independent companies provides an opportunity to focus on the unique needs of our separate customer bases.


There are no planned or expected layoffs and no employees will be required to relocate. In fact, we will likely be adding jobs to support the corporate services function of the new Columbia Pipeline Group. And, to the greatest extent possible, we will replicate our current benefit programs with little or no changes.


We will retain our current headquarters locations and work locations will remain the same. We will continue an equivalent level – if not an enhanced level – of infrastructure investment, charitable support and community involvement. 


There will be no negative environmental impacts as a result of the separation and current environmental programs and policies will be replicated at both companies, as applicable.


The transaction is expected to be tax-free to NiSource and our shareholders, and the combined dividend of the two companies is expected to remain the same at separation and increase over time.

Additional information about the separation can be found in our Annual Report to Shareholders.