About Us

At NiSource (NYSE: NI), our aspiration is to be America’s premier regulated energy company, providing customer-focused energy solutions, investment-driven growth opportunities, and sustainable value for our customers, investors and employees.

Underpinning this effort is our unwavering commitment to top-tier safety and reliability, collaborative stakeholder relationships, inclusive and engaging work environments, strong governance and transparency, and forward-looking environmental practices and stewardship.

Our Balanced, Diverse Portfolio of Regulated Energy Businesses

NiSource’s balanced portfolio of regulated energy businesses provides natural gas transmission, storage and distribution, as well as electric generation, transmission and distribution to a total of nearly 4 million customers located throughout a high-demand energy corridor stretching from the U.S. Gulf Coast through the Midwest to New England.

Our Infrastructure Investment-Focused Business Strategy

We serve our customers and generate sustainable growth by investing about $1 billion annually in energy infrastructure projects, new facilities, environmental enhancements, and upgrades to existing facilities. These investments enhance customer service, assure safety and reliability of our systems, support local communities, create jobs and drive economic growth.

Our Commitment to Sustainable Value

We are committed to establishing a legacy of strong and diverse teams, sustained environmental stewardship, social responsibility and economic growth reflective of a premier energy company. These commitments are embodied in our corporate sustainability policy, our contemporary governance practices and the way we conduct business on a daily basis.

Our Compelling Investment Proposition

NiSource shareholders benefit from our company’s unique position among Fortune 500 energy holding companies. We believe we offer a compelling investment proposition  premised upon:

  • Our balanced and diverse portfolio of regulated businesses
  • Our track record of disciplined operational, commercial, regulatory and financial execution
  • Highly predictable revenue streams
  • A substantial inventory of infrastructure-focused growth investments
  • A secure, attractive dividend
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