Our strategy for strong, growing communities

Our strategy for strong, growing communities

Strong, Growing Communities

NiSource has a presence in hundreds of communities across 16 states, and we’re investing in energy infrastructure at a historic pace. The communities we serve and live in play an important role in NiSource’s overall sustainability program.

  • Through our record infrastructure investments and modernization activities, we’re keeping our communities safe, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and providing significant economic development opportunities, including job creation.
  • Through our Corporate Foundation and charitable giving programs across our footprint, we’re helping those in need, developing educational endeavors and supporting community development and safety.

Keeping Communities Safe

NiSource companies invested more than $2 billion for infrastructure projects in 2014, much of which was focused on pipeline integrity management initiatives, including the modernization and maintenance of our facilities and operations. The benefits of NiSource’s infrastructure investments are highlighted throughout this report, but one benefit was unexpected. A pipeline replacement project in Pennsylvania inspired a young boy and his mother to self-publish a children’s book – The Construction Kid.

Ongoing Monitoring System

A key part of the safety of our systems is constant monitoring – through computer systems, aerial monitoring and on-the-ground visual testing and inspections.

Educating Communities on Pipeline Safety

NiSource companies invested more than $2 million in public safety and awareness programs in 2014 to educate members of public on how to stay safe around pipelines.  This includes education about calling 811.

Giving Back to our Communities

NiSource companies actively support organizations that are working to make a difference in the communities we serve. In 2014, we donated approximately $6.2 million to organizations across our service territory.

Enabling Economic Development

Another way NiSource companies help grow communities is through partnering with state and local officials to create and support opportunities for development.  We support a collaborative approach with key stakeholders.