Our strategy for customer-focused energy solutions

Our strategy for customer-focused energy solutions

As an energy provider, delivering safe, reliable and affordable service for our customers is something we focus on every day. Our teams work hard to improve customer service and convenience, to provide programs to help consumers manage energy use and lower bills, and to invest in modern and efficient energy infrastructure. Together, these initiatives serve the interests of our customers while also helping to strengthen the long-term sustainability of our company.

Investing in System Modernization

NiSource companies invest heavily in existing and expanding energy infrastructure that enhance customer service, reliability, efficiency and safety.


Helping Customers Reduce Energy Usage, Lower Bills

We are deliberate in offering programs that help customer reduce their energy usage, thus reducing their overall utility bill.

Advocating for Those in Need

We believe it is critical to advocate for those in need of increased energy assistance.

Focusing on the Customer Experience

Across our companies, we have various initiatives in place to enhance the experience customers have when interacting with us.

Providing Automated Meter Reading

We now have programs in place to install automated meter reading devices across our entire utility customer base.

Introducing Weather Normalization Adjustment

Pennsylvania residential customers reduced their natural gas bills by $7.3 million through a new rate structure called Weather Normalization Adjustment.