2013 Sustainability Report

Our fifth Sustainability Report demonstrates how NiSource's aspiration translates into the five dimension of our Sustainability Strategy

92 Percent

NiSource returns more than 92 percent of the water we use to generate electricity to its source

Digger Dog Keeps Customers Safe

NiSource is committed to keeping communities safe around its facilities

$6.2 Million in Donations

In 2013, NiSource donated approximately $6.2 million to non-profit organizations where employees live and work

Energy Savings = $ Savings

Through NiSource's energy-efficiency programs, residential customers saved $16 million

A Good Place to Work

82% of NiSource employees would recommend the company as a good place to work

2013 Sustainability Report

In our fifth Sustainability Report, you'll see how NiSource's aspiration and business efforts translate seamlessly into the five key dimensions of our Corporate Sustainability Strategy: Customers, Communities, Employees, Environment and Shareholders.

2013 Full Report

Message from Our President & CEO

At NiSource, our aspiration is to be North America's premier regulated energy company, providing customer-focused energy solutions, investment-driven growth opportunities and sustainable value for our customers, investors and employees.



Our Sustainability Highlights

Sustainability at NiSource is a story of continuous and ongoing improvement, building from a foundation established with the adoption of our Sustainability Strategy.